The Hunger Games Wonder Child

03-04-15_6-16 PM-2

Mr and Mrs Everdeen were madly in love. And despite the hunger and bad living conditions in District 12, they were happy. Even if the Hunger Games were happening once a year, and took two of the young people in their community, they somehow managed to keep up morale, and live a generally positive life.

They had a small house together in District 12. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t fancy, but for District 12, and certainly for them, it was more than enough.

03-04-15_5-55 PM-3 03-04-15_5-55 PM-403-04-15_5-55 PM-5

Mrs Everdeen had concerns though. Concerns for her future children. The Hunger Games happened once a year, and they took away a male and a female from District 12 every time. Mrs Everdeen had experienced this first hand – the Hunger Games had taken her best friend, and she didn’t think she could stand ever having a child taken away from her too.

So, her and Mr Everdeen spoke. They talked about not having children at all, which made them both so sad that they quickly moved on from this. And then they realised what they needed to do. They needed to create a wonder child. One that, god forbid, if she or he ever got taken to compete in the Hunger Games, would come back a victor. They needed to create a wonder child that could not lose.

And that they would.


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