1.81 The wrong bathroom

Hermione and Ginny were on their way through Hogwarts, from class to class, and they were exhausted. They were coming up to their exams, and every teacher was really, really testing them.

“Shall we nip for a quick bathroom break?” Ginny asked, cutting over Hermione who was going through some sort of list that they were meant to memorise. “Quickly, then,” Hermione replied, which was what caused Ginny to just turn into the closest bathroom there was.

Ginny looked in the mirror, pulling at the bags under her eyes, telling Hermione that she wished her Mother would have let her skip this year like so many of her friends because her brain couldn’t hack it, when the girls heard a giggle.

“Oh… Damn,” Hermione whispered, and as Ginny was asking Hermione what was wrong, Moaning Myrtle appeared out of one of the toilets.

02-16-15_9-05 PM-3

“Hello Myrtle,” Hermione said, turning to face the ghostly figure. Studying Myrtle, she seemed to be a little happier than usual. When Hermione asked about that, Myrtle explained that with everybody else so miserable nowadays, she felt like she was finally fitting in in the wizarding community, after her 55(ish) years of being at Hogwarts.

Ginny really didn’t like this, and instantly turned on Myrtle for enjoying other people’s misery. Being angry at Myrtle however, seemed to just make her even happier, so Ginny eventually gave up, and just let Hermione take over.

02-16-15_9-06 PM

“Wow Myrtle, really sensitive, thanks,” was all she bothered saying, but Myrtle cut her off anyway, and asked about Harry, wearing that dreamy look she always wore when he was around.

Instead of even considering answering, Hermione grabbed Ginny, who looked like she was about to explode, and while dragging her out of there, reminded her that Myrtle was a ghost and there was nothing she could do about it.

Think it was safe to say, they certainly would be watching where they were going in the revision haze they were living in now.


1.8 Family Christmas

Harry knew that counting down the days until Ginny comes home for Christmas would make the time go slower, but he couldn’t help it. He was just really looking forward to having Ginny back for a couple of weeks, and having some time off work with her (the auror office was never closed, but Harry would be on call).

The day she arrived home, Harry went with Mrs Weasley to meet her at the station. The stares and grateful smiles coming from the parents on the station were making him feel a little self conscious, but nothing could stop him looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

When Ginny arrived, they went back to the Burrow to say hi and dump her stuff, and then she took Harry to one side and asked him if they could disappear to his house. Harry was never going to say no to this, and so they took off after convincing Mrs Weasley she wouldn’t be staying, and Harry would have her home at a reasonable time.

02-05-15_5-49 PM-2

They sat on the couch, and Ginny told Harry all about Hogwarts and how it was up and running again, and she told him she was starting to even feel a little bored because of her quiet year. Harry laughed at this and reminded her to be careful what she wished for.

The Christmas went on pretty much like this for the few weeks Ginny was home. They spent a lot of time at the Burrow, but when they could steal some alone time, they would wander off to Harry’s for hours on end.

02-05-15_6-01 PM-2 02-05-15_6-05 PM02-05-15_5-49 PM They played Wizard’s Chess (which Ginny seemed to be better at than Harry), Harry cooked for Ginny, the muggle way, which she loved, and they spent a lot of time, erm, cuddling.

They went for Christmas dinner at the Burrow, which Harry absolutely loved. It was a sad affair, with no Fred and Lupin and Tonks and all the other fallen soldiers that should have been spending Christmas day with their families, but it was nice for everyone to get together and miss them. 02-05-15_7-38 PM

Hagrid was there, which meant that a few chairs were broken, of course. He had clearly brought some firewhisky, which Harry refused because he was on call. Kingsley Shacklebolt popped by, which got Mrs Weasley into a bit of a flap, and made Harry wonder how many minister for Magic’s had actually been in the burrow. Andromeda brought Teddy, and Harry spent a lot of time laughing at him changing the features on his body.

All in all, it really was an amazing Christmas, and when the time came for Harry to say goodbye to Ginny again, it was even harder than last time. But then, next time Ginny came home, she will have finished Hogwarts, and Mrs Weasley would have to lift up the rules a little, considering she would then be an adult.

1.71 Hogwarts rebuilt

Hermione was very quiet in the carriage her and Ginny shared on the Hogwarts Express, and Ginny knew this meant she was nervous. When Ginny asked what was the matter, Hermione told her that she was nervous about being at Hogwarts without Harry and Ron.

“It’ll just be really weird,” Hermione said, and she reminded Ginny they’d never had a quiet year at Hogwarts, and Harry and Ron had kept her out of harms way, and sometimes been her only friends through school.

02-02-15_7-36 PM-2

“You’ve got me, Hermione. There will be no trouble now, it will just be school. You can focus on your studies this year, with no death threats or rule breaking because you’re trying to save the world. A little rule breaking just for fun won’t harm anyone though,” Ginny said with a grin, and Hermione told her that she’d broken enough rules to last a lifetime, and that she didn’t plan to break any at all this year.

02-02-15_7-37 PM

“We need to focus if we want to pass our N.E.W.T.s Gin!” Hermione said as they climbed into the horse-drawn carriage up to the school.

“It is possible to have fun at the same time,” Ginny threw back at her with a grin.

02-02-15_8-21 PM-2

By the time the girls had made it into their dorm (Hermione was a seventh year now, as was Ginny), they were feeling full, warm, and at home. Hermione had forgotten what it was like to have a normal life, and Ginny had forgotten what Hogwarts was really like after the school changed so much the year before.

They had watched the sorting, all the while staring around the Great Hall which had been rebuilt exactly as it had been before, finding it difficult to forget what the it had looked like the last time they were in there. During Professor McGonagall’s speech about the loss of the students during the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione was unable to stop herself crying, and grasping Ginny’s hand under the table.

The fact that they had been there was making things much worse, they couldn’t stop looking around and picturing the scene from the end of the last school year. Ginny was staring blankly at Professor McGonagall, and Hermione knew she was trying to avoid looking at the spot that Fred had been lying in.

02-02-15_8-21 PM

By the time they managed to get to bed, they were emotionally drained. Returning to the scene was difficult,  but they needed to get past this, and this year they had each other. Both of them missed Harry and Ron, but they knew it wouldn’t be long until they heard from them.

All in all, both girls were glad to be back, and – maybe one more than the other – both excited to return to their studies! It was time to have some fun (and pass some exams, obviously)

1.7 Home is where the heart is

The time for Ginny to return to Hogwarts had come around all too quickly. Hermione had decided to go back too, which also bothered him, as he had spent a lot of the Summer with Hermione and the Weasleys. This wouldn’t change with the two girls at school, obviously, but he would miss them both.

It hadn’t taken much for Hermione to convince Professor McGonagall to take her back and let her finish her final year of school. After all, leaving school for Hermione was something that she really struggled with – Harry and Ron, on the other hand, had decided that if they didn’t need to go back, they wouldn’t.

The girls left from the Burrow, with ministry cars coming to pick them up and take them to Platform 9 3/4, and then escorts from the cars onto the train – they were both very popular in the wizarding world since the battle, and some help fending off their fans may be needed.

02-02-15_8-19 AM 02-02-15_8-17 AM02-02-15_9-09 AM

Ginny and Hermione hugged the boys goodbye, and Harry took Ginny to one side. “I’ll miss you,” he told her, and she told him the same. She told him that it wouldn’t be long until she was back again for Christmas, and she would be counting down the days. “Write to me?” Harry asked her, and as she gave him a kiss and told him she would, Harry wondered why she always seemed so much more in control than he did.

02-02-15_8-23 AM

She gave him a brilliant smile, and then turned to her brothers and waved, and got in the car with Hermione, and Mr and Mrs Weasley. As Harry watched the car pull away he felt a twinge of jealousy and longing. Hogwarts had been his first real home, and he knew Professor McGonagall would have him back in a second, but he was needed out in the real world.

He smiled as he thought of the Marauders map in his trunk at home, and headed back into the Burrow, challenging Ron to a game of wizards’ chess.

1.6 The boggarty nargles

The next few weeks after Harry and Ginny’s date flew by. He was doing well at work, with people turning to him for questions about their day to day jobs. He and Ginny spent every possible moment together, and were happier than ever. He was dreading her going back to Hogwarts, but he knew it was only one short year.

And not long ago, Harry’s work brought him to one of his friends houses. He heard talk of a woman who was annoying the men in his office with repeated calls reporting nargles. He knew instantly who this must be, and told his office that he would handle it. They gave Harry a very strange look, to which he replied with “it’s one of my friends, I’ll sort it.”

He knocked on the door of Luna Lovegood’s house, who told him that her and her Dad had bought a new house on a nice plot of land that’s full of all sorts of weird and wonderful animals. However, they couldn’t move in yet, because the house had a huge infestation of nargles. She told him how she had reported this on a number of occasions and wasn’t being taken seriously.

01-25-15_1-44 PM

Harry tried to keep a straight face, and he told her that Ron and Hermione were on their way – how could he not share this moment with his best friends. He told Luna that he would check their new house out once they arrived. The house was strangely normal considering who owned it, and this showed Harry how seriously Luna was taking this nargles infestation.

01-25-15_1-46 PM

Once Ron and Hermione arrived they listened with very concerned faces, they managed to keep up the act that they believed in Luna’s story. On a quick inspection of the house, Harry discovered the problem. There was a boggart hiding under the sink, and Harry assumed that it must have been showing itself to Luna as the nargles destroying the house they had bought.

He told Luna he had found the nargles, and told her to wait outside as he removed them, whilst quickly reassuring her that he wouldn’t harm them. It didn’t take him, Ron and Hermione long before they had dealt with the boggart, even with Ron throwing a fit when it turned into a great big hairy spider.

Harry went back to work that day very happy, and told his office he had dealt with Luna’s house so they wouldn’t be getting any more phone calls. They were so happy with Harry that they gave him a promotion and some extra cash. He used this cash to build up his plot of land – before it was just a bed, fridge, toilet and shower on the ground. Now, it’s a home.

01-25-15_2-42 PM

1.5 Back to the beginning

Harry was extremely excited about his date with Ginny. He showed up at the Burrow, all nervous again, and Mrs Weasley answered the door. She looked so excited, and Harry was relieved that she approved of him taking her little girl on a date.

“Where are we going?” Ginny asked excitedly.

“Well, we’re going to revisit an old spot,” Harry said, and he took Ginny’s hand and apparated them as close to Hogwarts as he could.

Ginny seemed to love Harry’s idea. She smiled as they reached the tree, and before she even said anything, she kissed Harry. It was just like the kiss that they shared in the Burrow on his birthday, with a little urgency, and they let their feelings pour into it. They had missed each other greatly, and with the kiss they showed each other how much.

01-24-15_2-29 PM
They had a wonderful day. They ate the picnic Harry had made for them, and swapped stories all about the year that they had spent apart, all the while never letting go of each other. They cuddled and kissed the afternoon away. She told Harry how proud of him she was for starting out his life on his own, and hinted that hopefully, once she finished Hogwarts, she would be joining him.

01-24-15_2-30 PM

Harry started to feel a little sad when it got dark and he had to take Ginny home. He never wanted to let her go again, and as she wasn’t at Hogwarts, he couldn’t watch her little dot all night. He kissed her goodnight, and she told him he would see her tomorrow. He was going to spend the day at Burrow as he missed the Weasleys – he was already counting down the minutes as he kissed her goodnight on the doorstep.01-24-15_6-54 PM-2

1.4 Risking the Bat Bogey Hex

After his talk with Hermione, Harry started feeling more and more excited about the prospect of asking Ginny on an actual date. It would be so nice to be with her the way they used to be, without the worry of Voldemort hovering over their head. And the opportunity to ask Ginny showed up just a few days after his talk with Hermione.
01-21-15_7-02 PM

Ginny and Ron showed up one night to visit Harry – Ron wanted to check out Harry’s land and his ‘house’, and Ginny just wanted to check on Harry. She had brought with her a full bowl of garden salad which she put straight into the fridge, waiting for Harry when he needed it. He hadn’t yet bought himself an oven – he needed a few more working days for that!

While Ginny was putting the food away and wondering around looking at everything, Harry jumped on his opportunity to speak to Ron about asking his sister to go on a date with him. He didn’t think Ron would have a problem, but he knew he needed to speak to him first.

01-21-15_7-02 PM-2

Ron didn’t seem too happy about the idea of Harry taking Ginny on a date.

“I thought that was over?! I remember when you two broke up, she was distraught,” Ron said, looking a little bit angry.

“Yes Ron, I’m aware of that, but so was I! You know I did that purely for her protection, and I hated every second of it. But now we’re free to be together, and Ron, I love her. I always have.”

01-21-15_7-02 PM-3

After this speech, Ron was grinning at Harry. “Go for it mate,” was all he said, before he spied Ginny heading back, and told Harry he wanted to go and check out his land and the surrounding area.

Harry suddenly felt his palms get rather sweaty, and started to feel a little nervous as he watched Ginny walk towards him. However, Ginny was wearing a special smile, one that he only ever saw under their tree in Hogwarts, and he instantly felt relaxed. He knew, from that smile, that her feelings for him hadn’t changed, as his hadn’t changed for her.

01-21-15_7-24 PM

Harry got up and walked straight towards Ginny, and told her straight away how much he’s missed her. She told him she had missed him too, but reminded him that they had a full Summer together before she had to go back to Hogwarts to start her final year, and he asked her how she felt about going on their first real date together later that week.

“I would love that Harry, it sounds like a great idea,” Ginny replied, as Harry’s heart skipped a beat.