Hey Guys!


(This was in Spain, not at home, hence the sunnies!)

Since there’s quite a few of you now (wow!) and I’m really enjoying talking to you all, I thought I should introduce myself 🙂 I’m Holly-Jayne, and I’ve been a massive Sims fan since the first one came out! I was only 8 when it came out (I’m 22 now!), but manage to master it nonetheless, and I’ve been playing it ever since! I live in the UK, which is always cold, and I have always got my head stuck in a book 🙂 (as you can see…)

55380_10150336944970441_2823044_o 223635_10150260106419420_8120335_n

I love Harry Potter. Like, love it. I read all seven books at least twice a year, and the films are on all the time in my house. This means that when I thought of doing a Harry Potter legacy, it was basically my two favourite things, combined. I’m really enjoying making the stories, and I hope I’ve done an alright job.

  Untitled Untitled2

I have been scoring on my legacy, following the rules, the only thing I’ve cheated on is I’ve used one extra youth potion with Harry and Ginny so far – I can’t fit my stories in otherwise!

 270583_2249306835521_3244068_n 268075_2249307355534_7211773_n

I work in a nursery, and I do lonnnngggg hours, so if I don’t update much in the week, that’s why, and I’m very sorry for that! But I really will try to keep it nice and regular!

148349_10150309208765084_5929102_n 263649_2249305595490_6848978_n

I may do some other challenges, and I’ll post them somewhere on this site I think, just for my sake so I can keep track of what I’m doing and where I’m up to – I’m thinking of doing a wonder child challenge, but I can’t think which of Harry’s three children to do it with – or how to explain the absence of the other two! But anyway, these other challenges won’t interfere with the legacy!


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