1. Eating for Two

Mrs. Everdeen had been feeling a little off. She was feeling bigger than usual, achy, and had been throwing up at random times – or were they random? It didn’t take her long to figure it out, and she knew straight away that she needed to tell Mr. Everdeen her suspicions.

03-05-15_1-34 PM

“I need to tell you something,” Mrs. Everdeen said to Mr. Everdeen one night when he arrived home from the mines. He took one look at his beautiful wife and gave her that goofy grin that she had fallen in love with. He knew instantly what she was going to say, and he put his hand on her belly.

03-05-15_1-35 PM

“Really?” he asked, with a glint of excitement in his eyes. “Yes,” she replied with a hint of nervousness. He was on her in a second, giving her a kiss that was filled with love and confidence, instantly making her feel better.

03-05-15_1-36 PM

Yes, Mrs. Everdeen was scared about the Hunger Games. She couldn’t lose her baby to them. But that was a long time away, and she was going to raise this baby to be the best, most capable child there was.


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