1.10 Home sweet home

So, today was the day! Harry woke up, and reached straight for the Marauders Map. He checked it, knowing what he would see. The students were no longer there, they were making their way home on the Hogwarts Express. Harry dressed and got ready to go over to The Burrow, feeling more excited than he has done since September.

When he got there, Mr and Mrs Weasley were no longer there. They were at the station, waiting for Ginny and Hermione. Harry sat with Ron, and the rest of the Weasley boys, talking through their plans for the Summer. Ron was still helping George out at the shop, and Percy was still succeeding at the Ministry, under the new regime. Bill and Charlie were off all over the world helping Gringotts and dragons, and Harry explained how well he was doing at the Ministry, but all the while all he cared about was the fact that this Summer he would have Ginny around, all day, every day.

He heard a car pull up, and recognised the Ministry car instantly. He heard the girls laughing as he got out of the car, and he knew he wasn’t just excited to see Ginny – he life had been different without Hermione around too, and he missed his best friend.

However, Hermione was driven out of Harry’s mind when he saw Ginny, and he completely embarrassed himself, by kissing her right in front of the Weasley’s.

02-23-15_12-11 PM-2

She looked completely taken aback, but smiled quickly afterwards. The Weasley’s just laughed, and patted Harry on the back after they’d hugged their sister and congratulated her on finishing school and becoming a fully qualified wizard. Everybody hugged each other, and Harry went to congratulate Hermione.

02-23-15_12-13 PM

“After everything we’ve been through, it’s amazing that you finished school Hermione,” Harry told her, truly meaning every word. It was so good to be back with Ron and Hermione, he didn’t realise how much he’d missed the three of them being together until they were stood in front of him.

02-23-15_12-13 PM-2

Hermione and Ron seemed very awkward around each other though, and Harry knew that he needed to help hurry things along with them, so the awkwardness would disappear and they would be able to hang out again as normal.

The Weasley family were all so proud to finally have all of their children finish school – despite the fact that they thought Ginny wasn’t going to be able to. Harry could see Mrs Weasley frequently wiping away tears, and he suspected she was feeling proud, but also a little sad at her children growing up, but mostly, Harry knew, she was thinking of Fred, who should have been there to celebrate with Ginny too.

02-23-15_12-10 PM

Everybody stayed together that night, and Harry didn’t take his eye of Ginny all night. Every time he looked at her, he realised he loved her over and over again, and he knew he wanted to be with her forever. He loved the whole family, and had been a part of it his whole life, but now he realised there was something he wanted to do, something that would make him part of the family legally, as well as emotionally. He watched Ginny laughing with her Mum while he thought the whole thing through. Yes, he loved this girl, and there was nothing stopping him asking the question to make it more official than ever. Apart from maybe Mr Weasley, when Harry asked him first.


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