1.81 The wrong bathroom

Hermione and Ginny were on their way through Hogwarts, from class to class, and they were exhausted. They were coming up to their exams, and every teacher was really, really testing them.

“Shall we nip for a quick bathroom break?” Ginny asked, cutting over Hermione who was going through some sort of list that they were meant to memorise. “Quickly, then,” Hermione replied, which was what caused Ginny to just turn into the closest bathroom there was.

Ginny looked in the mirror, pulling at the bags under her eyes, telling Hermione that she wished her Mother would have let her skip this year like so many of her friends because her brain couldn’t hack it, when the girls heard a giggle.

“Oh… Damn,” Hermione whispered, and as Ginny was asking Hermione what was wrong, Moaning Myrtle appeared out of one of the toilets.

02-16-15_9-05 PM-3

“Hello Myrtle,” Hermione said, turning to face the ghostly figure. Studying Myrtle, she seemed to be a little happier than usual. When Hermione asked about that, Myrtle explained that with everybody else so miserable nowadays, she felt like she was finally fitting in in the wizarding community, after her 55(ish) years of being at Hogwarts.

Ginny really didn’t like this, and instantly turned on Myrtle for enjoying other people’s misery. Being angry at Myrtle however, seemed to just make her even happier, so Ginny eventually gave up, and just let Hermione take over.

02-16-15_9-06 PM

“Wow Myrtle, really sensitive, thanks,” was all she bothered saying, but Myrtle cut her off anyway, and asked about Harry, wearing that dreamy look she always wore when he was around.

Instead of even considering answering, Hermione grabbed Ginny, who looked like she was about to explode, and while dragging her out of there, reminded her that Myrtle was a ghost and there was nothing she could do about it.

Think it was safe to say, they certainly would be watching where they were going in the revision haze they were living in now.


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