1.7 Home is where the heart is

The time for Ginny to return to Hogwarts had come around all too quickly. Hermione had decided to go back too, which also bothered him, as he had spent a lot of the Summer with Hermione and the Weasleys. This wouldn’t change with the two girls at school, obviously, but he would miss them both.

It hadn’t taken much for Hermione to convince Professor McGonagall to take her back and let her finish her final year of school. After all, leaving school for Hermione was something that she really struggled with – Harry and Ron, on the other hand, had decided that if they didn’t need to go back, they wouldn’t.

The girls left from the Burrow, with ministry cars coming to pick them up and take them to Platform 9 3/4, and then escorts from the cars onto the train – they were both very popular in the wizarding world since the battle, and some help fending off their fans may be needed.

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Ginny and Hermione hugged the boys goodbye, and Harry took Ginny to one side. “I’ll miss you,” he told her, and she told him the same. She told him that it wouldn’t be long until she was back again for Christmas, and she would be counting down the days. “Write to me?” Harry asked her, and as she gave him a kiss and told him she would, Harry wondered why she always seemed so much more in control than he did.

02-02-15_8-23 AM

She gave him a brilliant smile, and then turned to her brothers and waved, and got in the car with Hermione, and Mr and Mrs Weasley. As Harry watched the car pull away he felt a twinge of jealousy and longing. Hogwarts had been his first real home, and he knew Professor McGonagall would have him back in a second, but he was needed out in the real world.

He smiled as he thought of the Marauders map in his trunk at home, and headed back into the Burrow, challenging Ron to a game of wizards’ chess.


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