1.6 The boggarty nargles

The next few weeks after Harry and Ginny’s date flew by. He was doing well at work, with people turning to him for questions about their day to day jobs. He and Ginny spent every possible moment together, and were happier than ever. He was dreading her going back to Hogwarts, but he knew it was only one short year.

And not long ago, Harry’s work brought him to one of his friends houses. He heard talk of a woman who was annoying the men in his office with repeated calls reporting nargles. He knew instantly who this must be, and told his office that he would handle it. They gave Harry a very strange look, to which he replied with “it’s one of my friends, I’ll sort it.”

He knocked on the door of Luna Lovegood’s house, who told him that her and her Dad had bought a new house on a nice plot of land that’s full of all sorts of weird and wonderful animals. However, they couldn’t move in yet, because the house had a huge infestation of nargles. She told him how she had reported this on a number of occasions and wasn’t being taken seriously.

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Harry tried to keep a straight face, and he told her that Ron and Hermione were on their way – how could he not share this moment with his best friends. He told Luna that he would check their new house out once they arrived. The house was strangely normal considering who owned it, and this showed Harry how seriously Luna was taking this nargles infestation.

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Once Ron and Hermione arrived they listened with very concerned faces, they managed to keep up the act that they believed in Luna’s story. On a quick inspection of the house, Harry discovered the problem. There was a boggart hiding under the sink, and Harry assumed that it must have been showing itself to Luna as the nargles destroying the house they had bought.

He told Luna he had found the nargles, and told her to wait outside as he removed them, whilst quickly reassuring her that he wouldn’t harm them. It didn’t take him, Ron and Hermione long before they had dealt with the boggart, even with Ron throwing a fit when it turned into a great big hairy spider.

Harry went back to work that day very happy, and told his office he had dealt with Luna’s house so they wouldn’t be getting any more phone calls. They were so happy with Harry that they gave him a promotion and some extra cash. He used this cash to build up his plot of land – before it was just a bed, fridge, toilet and shower on the ground. Now, it’s a home.

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2 thoughts on “1.6 The boggarty nargles

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