1.5 Back to the beginning

Harry was extremely excited about his date with Ginny. He showed up at the Burrow, all nervous again, and Mrs Weasley answered the door. She looked so excited, and Harry was relieved that she approved of him taking her little girl on a date.

“Where are we going?” Ginny asked excitedly.

“Well, we’re going to revisit an old spot,” Harry said, and he took Ginny’s hand and apparated them as close to Hogwarts as he could.

Ginny seemed to love Harry’s idea. She smiled as they reached the tree, and before she even said anything, she kissed Harry. It was just like the kiss that they shared in the Burrow on his birthday, with a little urgency, and they let their feelings pour into it. They had missed each other greatly, and with the kiss they showed each other how much.

01-24-15_2-29 PM
They had a wonderful day. They ate the picnic Harry had made for them, and swapped stories all about the year that they had spent apart, all the while never letting go of each other. They cuddled and kissed the afternoon away. She told Harry how proud of him she was for starting out his life on his own, and hinted that hopefully, once she finished Hogwarts, she would be joining him.

01-24-15_2-30 PM

Harry started to feel a little sad when it got dark and he had to take Ginny home. He never wanted to let her go again, and as she wasn’t at Hogwarts, he couldn’t watch her little dot all night. He kissed her goodnight, and she told him he would see her tomorrow. He was going to spend the day at Burrow as he missed the Weasleys – he was already counting down the minutes as he kissed her goodnight on the doorstep.01-24-15_6-54 PM-2


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