1.4 Risking the Bat Bogey Hex

After his talk with Hermione, Harry started feeling more and more excited about the prospect of asking Ginny on an actual date. It would be so nice to be with her the way they used to be, without the worry of Voldemort hovering over their head. And the opportunity to ask Ginny showed up just a few days after his talk with Hermione.
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Ginny and Ron showed up one night to visit Harry – Ron wanted to check out Harry’s land and his ‘house’, and Ginny just wanted to check on Harry. She had brought with her a full bowl of garden salad which she put straight into the fridge, waiting for Harry when he needed it. He hadn’t yet bought himself an oven – he needed a few more working days for that!

While Ginny was putting the food away and wondering around looking at everything, Harry jumped on his opportunity to speak to Ron about asking his sister to go on a date with him. He didn’t think Ron would have a problem, but he knew he needed to speak to him first.

01-21-15_7-02 PM-2

Ron didn’t seem too happy about the idea of Harry taking Ginny on a date.

“I thought that was over?! I remember when you two broke up, she was distraught,” Ron said, looking a little bit angry.

“Yes Ron, I’m aware of that, but so was I! You know I did that purely for her protection, and I hated every second of it. But now we’re free to be together, and Ron, I love her. I always have.”

01-21-15_7-02 PM-3

After this speech, Ron was grinning at Harry. “Go for it mate,” was all he said, before he spied Ginny heading back, and told Harry he wanted to go and check out his land and the surrounding area.

Harry suddenly felt his palms get rather sweaty, and started to feel a little nervous as he watched Ginny walk towards him. However, Ginny was wearing a special smile, one that he only ever saw under their tree in Hogwarts, and he instantly felt relaxed. He knew, from that smile, that her feelings for him hadn’t changed, as his hadn’t changed for her.

01-21-15_7-24 PM

Harry got up and walked straight towards Ginny, and told her straight away how much he’s missed her. She told him she had missed him too, but reminded him that they had a full Summer together before she had to go back to Hogwarts to start her final year, and he asked her how she felt about going on their first real date together later that week.

“I would love that Harry, it sounds like a great idea,” Ginny replied, as Harry’s heart skipped a beat.


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