1.3 When in doubt, go to Hermione

01-20-15_9-50 PM-2

After seeing the Weasley’s, Harry’s next stop was Hermione. She always had such a calm mind, that he thought she would be the best person to talk to about how best to proceed with Ginny.

First things first, however, was to find out how Hermione’s search for her parents was going.

“Well, I know where they are, and I’m making plans to get out there very soon, and reverse the changes I made to their memories. It shouldn’t be difficult.” 

She said all this so fast that Harry could tell just how excited she was to get out there and get her parents back. She was currently staying with the Weasley’s, and although Harry knew that Hermione loved the Weasley’s, he was sure that she would appreciate some peace and quiet back with her parents.

“Well, if you need anything…” Harry said, and this was one of those moments where he felt another twang of sadness about the loss of his money. He could have had Hermione flying out tomorrow.

It wasn’t long before the talk turned to Ginny. Hermione had asked how he thought things would pan out, and he told her he didn’t know what to do next.

“Take her on a date, a real date. Make sure you tell her how much you missed her while we were on the run, and maybe even slip in those nights you spent watching her dot on the Maurauders Map.” Harry went slightly red at this – he should have known Hermione would know what he was doing, she never missed a trick.

But Harry agreed, with butterflies, that a date would probably be the best way to go. He would have to do a couple more days work before he could afford it, but he wanted to treat Ginny. There was no way he could make up for all those nights she spent alone and worrying about Harry, but a real date seemed like a good way to begin.

“What’s going on with Ron then?” Harry asked. Hermione just went extremely red, and started rambling about a new book she wanted to buy, jumping up and rushing off to visit Diagon Alley, leaving Harry chuckling to himself.

Harry went to sleep that night dreaming of all those times under their tree at Hogwarts. Yes, maybe that would be the best place to take Ginny – to remind her of their love, and to relive those wonderful days, before they make years more memories.


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