1.2 Off to the Burrow

(The Burrow credit goes to KristaMB73, it's far better than anything I could have made!)

(The Burrow credit goes to KristaMB73, it’s far better than anything I could have made!)

Once Harry had got set up at home and finished at the Ministry of Magic securing his new job, he only had one thought: “I want to go and tell the Weasleys!” so he turned on the spot and apparated as near to the Burrow as he could (he still hated travelling by floo powder).

01-19-15_5-54 PM

Harry knocked on the door and waited with baited breathe. He wondered what the Weasley’s would think about his starting over with nothing: Mrs Weasley would worry, and offer all sorts of things they can’t afford to Harry; Mr Weasley would probably just ask what muggle things Harry will be using when he starts out; and the boys would just clap Harry on the back, laugh, and ask if they could come and visit.

The real reason Harry waited at the door feeling nervous, however, was Ginny. The way they left it was ending their relationship (minus a cheeky kiss on his birthday), but not because they were no longer in love, but because Harry knew if Lord Voldemort found out about their love he would use it against him, and this would put Ginny in danger. The last Harry saw of Ginny was her leaning against her Mother, tired out from the battle, and he thought he’d better leave it until they had both had a chance to sleep off the events of the battle of Hogwarts.

Anyway, Harry was about to see Ginny, and he definitely was nervous, but equally excited.

01-20-15_8-43 PM-2Harry walked into the Burrow when the door opened for him, and he really felt like he was arriving at home. The Weasley’s greeted him with open arms, and Mrs Weasley set a huge plate of food infront of Harry immediately. He told them about his money (“What do you need Harry sweetheart, let us help you!”) , his piece of land, and his new job at the ministry. They all listened intently, and wished him luck, and reminded him that they were always there when he needed them!

He couldn’t help but feel the hole in the room. Fred’s absence was harshly obvious, and it was just like the Weasley’s to still be worrying about Harry. George just looked numb, like he was still in shock. The Burrow had a gloomy feeling to it, and Harry knew that that would be around forever.

As he told his story to the Weasley’s, Harry couldn’t help glancing at Ginny a few times, and to his relief, she was smiling at him every time. He couldn’t wait to be alone with her, and return that birthday present.


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