1.1 Starting Out

01-19-15_3-04 PM

“What do you mean this is all I have?” Harry asked the Gringotts goblin who was holding the deeds to a piece of land that was located on the outskirts of Godric’s Hollow.

“Well, like I said Mr Potter, Gringotts suffered a lot during the war, and we kind of, well, lost a lot of people’s belongings. I’m afraid this deed is all we found of yours.” The goblin passed the deed over to Harry, who took it and stared.

Harry looked up at the goblin, and then back down at the deed in his hand. So this was it, this was all he had left of his parents. Their money that he had controlled and saved during his time at Hogwarts stolen, most likely in the hands of an ‘ex’ death eater now. He gave the goblin a hollow nod, and turned around and walked out of the bank. He vaguely noticed people staring and clapping as he walked down Diagon Alley, looking around at what once had been one of his favourite places. He was sure that one day soon, shops would start popping open here and there, and eventually it would be back to the way it was.

Harry walked through the leaky cauldron in a daze, wondering about what he should do. He could go to the Burrow, the Weasley’s would have him back in an instant, but he didn’t want to keep iinconveniencing Mrs Weasley. He couldn’t live with her forever. He thought about 4 Privet Drive, albiet briefly, and very quickly cast that idea aside. He looked again at the piece of paper he held in his hand – yes, that’s what he’ll do. He’ll travel to his piece of land, and start over. Earn his own money, build his own house. This was it. This was the perfect plan.

He looked in his wallet – he had just about enough money for a bed, fridge, toilet and shower. He wouldn’t need much more for now, surely?! He travelled to his piece of land, and what appeared to be a suit of Armour just sitting there on his lawn. Well, he’d seen enough suits of Armour all around Hogwarts, so this was the first thing to go back into his Gringotts vault.

01-19-15_3-07 PMHe would need a job, and quickly. Harry thought about the money his parents had earned and where it was now, and thought about all those ex death eaters that could still believe in the values of the late Lord Voldemort. He signed himself up for the Aurors instantly. He refused their offer to skip the test – he wanted to earn his way in, which, of course, he did easily.

Harry looked around at his new land. Well, it wasn’t much, but it was home.


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