0. And so, the legacy begins.

01-19-15_2-37 PMMeet Harry James Potter. Harry is fresh from the defeat of Voldemort, (“Oh Ron, you can’t still expect me to say You-Know-Who?!”) and is finally ready to begin his life as a normal young man, rather than the boy who lived. Harry is finally free to experience life without being under a constant threat of death, and this makes him extremely cheerful, to say the least.

Harry is cheerful, good, and family orientated, and he only has one goal in life, to have a big, happy family – something he hasn’t yet achieved thanks to Voldemort.

There is only one witch whom Harry wants to start his life with (“You know we would be amazing together Ron, you can’t deny it”) and that’s Ginny Weasley (Oh Ronald, just leave Harry and Ginny be will you?!”). Finally, Harry is free to pursue the love of his life, and be around his best friends in the world; Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and be happy.


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